Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is FixMyArea? back to questions

    FixMyArea is a site that lets you report local problems in your area quickly and easily, directly to the council. The site lets you track your reports and also lets other users support the issues which they think are the most urgent.

  • What sort of problems should I report with FixMyArea? back to questions

    FixMyArea is designed for reporting things which are broken, dirty or dumped and need to be fixed, cleaned or removed. For example: abandoned vehicles, graffiti, illegal posting, serious litter, dirty streets (broken glass in a cycle lane, for example), faulty streetlights or potholes. If you spot any of the above, let us know!

  • What isn‘t FixMyArea for? back to questions

    Please don't use FixMyArea if you‘re looking to get in touch with the council over issues that relate to your personal property (even if it is council owned), or anything serious that needs immediate action (such as anti-social behaviour or fires). Please get in touch with the council or the appropriate emergency service directly for such issues. This website is designed to fix problems in your area, and we can‘t help you with noise pollution, stolen property, complaints about the council, or proposals for things like speed bumps or new lights.

  • What can I do on FixMyArea? back to questions

    On FixMyArea you can report problems to your local council and track the progress of your reports through your profile, as well as seeing what reports have been submitted by other people, and supporting those you agree with, so you can make sure the most urgent problems get priority.

  • How are the problems solved? back to questions

    Once you report a problem our system automagically checks to see where you reported it and what local council is responsible for that area. We then pass the report on to the appropriate person in that council, and they handle it using their usual system (which they can prioritise based on how much support any particular issue has).

  • Is it free? back to questions

    Free as the air! We don't want to charge you for trying to make your area a nicer place to live.

  • Can I use FixMyArea on my mobile? back to questions

    Of course, that‘s the whole point! You can find the app by searching for ‘FixMyArea’ in the Android Market or the iPhone App Store.

  • Who gets to see my information? back to questions

    Your privacy is very important to us, so your email address is never passed on to a third party and your information is completely secure.

  • Who built FixMyArea? back to questions

    The same folks who built RateMyArea - check it out and tell everyone about the fantastic café beside the pothole!

  • Do we have a political agenda? back to questions

    No, not in any way, shape or form. We‘re not associated with any party or political stance and will happily work with whatever political groups are involved in the local government of each area. We don‘t care about getting anyone elected, all we want to do is fix problems in our areas as efficiently as possible.

  • So you've submitted your issue, but what happens next? back to questions

    Here's a look at each of the stages of life which your report can go through:

    Your brand new issue has been sent to the relevant council. Cherish this moment, they grow up so fast...

    The council has received your issue and are currently working to resolve it.

    The council or user has marked this issue as invalid. This may be because the issue is a duplicate or it is not an issue which the council have any control over, or responsibility for (such as problems on private property).

    Your council has put the issue on hold. There are many reasons why a council might place an issue on hold; for example, fixing one issue might have to be coordinated with the fixing of another issue.Please be patient, some issues can take significant resources to fix.

    Congratulations, the council has marked the issue as fixed! You can now accept or reject the solution to your issue.

    A user has accepted that the issue has been fixed or the user has noticed the issue has been resolved by some other means. Give yourself a pat on the back, you've helped fix your area!