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          PI-MT Thermally conductive polyimide film

          PI-MT Thermally conductive polyimide film
          Thermally Conductive Polyimide Film(PI-MT)is special-purpose polyimide film with 3x thermal conductivity, besides the excellent properties of polyimide film KYPI,it posses excellent thermal conductivity,which provides an ideal heat conduction and control programs to high-intensity electronic integrated components.
          1.3X Thermal Conductivity
          2.Easy coating property
          3.Excellent balance of electrical,chemical and physical property
          1.Insulation pads(heat sink)
          2.Heater circuits
          3.Ceramic board replacement
          Main Specification
          Properties Unit Values
          Thickness Um 25 50
          Thickness Tolerance Um +/-2.5 +/-3
          Density g/cm3 1.42 ±0.2
          Tensile Stength MD ≥ MPa 145 130
          TD ≥ 100 90
          Elongation  ≥ % 35 35
          Breakdown Strength ≥ (48~62Hz) MV/m 160 100
          Thermal conductivity W/m.K ≥0.36