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          PI-091B Black Polyimide film

          PI-091B Black Polyimide film
          Black Polyimide Film(PI-091B)is a black,homegeneous opaque film,that exhibits an excellent balance of physical,chemical, and electrical properties over a wide temperature range,the homogeneous pigmentation provides bettter color integrity against flexural cracking or abrasion in comparison to black coatings or dyes.
          1.Black,homogeneous opaque color
          2.Pigmentation and excellent shielding matt surface
          3.Excellent balance of Hi-temp,electrical,chemical and physical property.
          4.Easy coating property
          5.Excellent balance of electrical,chemical and physical property
          1. Black Shelding Polyimide Tape
          2.High-temp black polyimide label
          3.LED circuitry
          4. Heaters
          5.Applications requiring opacity,low reflectivity
          Main Specification
          Properties Unit Values
              25 50
          Thickness tolerance um 23-27 47-53
          Tensile Strength MD ≥ MPa 130 140
            TD ≥   110 120
          Elongation MD ≥ % 20 30
            TD ≥   30 35
          Surface Resistance ≥ Ω/ cm2 1.0×1010 1.0×1010